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What Does SEO Link Building Look Like Today


Are you an SEO enthusiast who loves driving organic search traffic to your website and getting all those targeted visitors buying your products and services?

We are too.

But SEO is a constantly evolving area of marketing that is hard to nail down. Google is constantly shifting their results, and making tweaks and changes to their algorithm. It’s super hard to do as the years go by.

So what’s an SEO to do?

How to Do SEO in 2018

business-peopleThe good news is that the core elements of SEO haven’t really changed much throughout the evolution of the art form (yes it’s an art form!).

The basic things you need to worry about when you’re doing SEO in 2018 are:

  • On Page + On Site Optimization
  • User Engagement
  • Link Building

That’s right – it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been, but also completely different than it’s been.

You’ll notice that a new area you may not have seen before is user engagement. That’s how users interact with your site. Are they clicking on your site from Google’s search results? Are they staying on your site long? Are they bouncing away without engaging much?

Those are the newest signals Google looks at when deciding what websites to rank online.

And they’re difficult to fake. You really need to have good engagement on your site. And the best way to do that is to create really great content that your audience will devour and keep wanting more.

What about links, though?

What Link Building Looks Like in 2018

link-buildingOf course, no matter what happens (at least for now) links will be of utmost importance to a successful search engine optimization campaign.

And there are so many different link building opportunities available to you. Some may hurt your website if done incorrectly, though, so make sure you’re careful when implementing any strategy.

Here’s a quick list of some great 2018 link building ideas:

  • Content Marketing
  • Private Blog Networks
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Sponsorship links
  • Directory Links

We could go on with some other ideas, but that list will give you a good start.

That’s Too Much Work!

We get it, you’re trying to run a business here. You don’t have time to do all that link building. Neither did we. So we decided to hire a company to do SEO for us. Visit this link if you want to know who we chose to help us with our campaigns.

Regardless of how you decide to do SEO – either in-house or outsourced – it’s still a great way to drive traffic to your website. Don’t discount it just yet!