Seriously, How do You Fold Up a Beach Tent?

Beach Tent

Beach TentOK.

We love the beach. I mean who doesn’t, right? It’s beautiful crystal sand and blue waters are an amazing site to behold.

My family absolutely loves outings to the beach. We try to get out to our local beach as much as we can. And it’s a pretty far drive out there. It takes at least a couple of hours, so we tend to go early in the morning and come back late at night.

Our Beach Outings Are Time Consuming

Since we spend the entire day at the beach, my daughter had the amazing idea to get a beach tent! To be honest, I didn’t even know these things existed, but then I decided to google some and I was sold immediately.

We spent some time finding the best beach tent (the one we picked we say on

When it arrived it was so great! We were very excited to use it.

So we planned a trip to the beach the next weekend.

The Full Beach Experience

So we got to the beach and we set up the brand new beach tent we purchased and everything was going great.

We got a lot of looks of envy from other beach-goers that day. So we spent the entire day and some of the early evening near the beautiful waters and it was very serene and peaceful.

But it was starting to get late, so we decided it may be a good time to go home.

That’s Where Things Got Weird

You’d think it was easy to pack things up, but boy were we in for a surprise. We tried folding and packing up the beach tent and it was a disaster!

We had no idea what we were doing. I was so afraid that I might end up damaging or ripping the tent.

Luckily, my kids had their smartphones (they don’t go anywhere without them) so they were able to go to YouTube and find a video on how to properly fold a beach tent.

Here’s the video that helped us get a grip on things before it got too late at night.

So luckily, we avoided a disaster.

The Steps to Folding a Beach Tent

In case you were like us, here’s how you can quickly fold a beach tent:

  • Open Your Smartphone
  • Go to YouTube
  • Search for “How to Fold a Beach Tent”
  • Watch and Follow Along!

Ok, all jokes aside. Getting a beach tent was one of the best things ever. It took a little time to actually learn to fold it properly, but other than that, it is so worth it.

We definitely suggest you get one if you can.