Mobile App Monetization


Media apps are advancing at such an accelerated pace. Smartphones apps are ranked at the top since they are driving the development in digital media the most. Following the mobile growth, designers are offered an ever-increasing chance to generate cash from their mobile apps. As a developer, you can use this post to monetize your mobile apps.

You can use the freemium model. By this you allow the customers to download the initial app for free even though the app contains limited functions. If the customers require additional features, they have to repay for the full version. It is a tricky strategy but one that can be beneficial if you are smart.

As a designer, you can use the in-app purchase strategy. You allow subscribers option to fund for specific features or extra items. This can be combined with the freemium model, but it requires calculated implementation. As you intend to apply this method, you should be cautious not to lay out discouraging terms that will affect your business.

Creating apps that are subscribed to seasonally. You need to know your target customers well enough to choose the friendliest period after which they need to renew their subscription. For instance, you can make this similar to the traditional print model where consumers keep making reoccurrence fee on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. You must keep your app updates continuous and be consistent in showing the value of your apps, so your customers will keep on renewing.

As an app designer, we can also urge you to strategize on using in-app advertising to Monetize your mobile app with Offer Daddy. You can give your clients the privilege of downloading your app for free if at all they agree to view all the ads. However, some may be negatively associated with the ads, but there exist a variety of new ads such as native ads, which can create unified familiarity within the app.

Among all the above strategies, in-app advertising is the only method you can have your full packaged app version monetized without claiming for any payment from your users. In-app advertising offers you a chance to provide your app without download obstacle, yet still gross revenue and expand your business.